Introducing our updated logo design

While working on the new website design, we thought it was an ideal time to also freshen up our company logo design. We’ve been using the existing one for almost twenty years, so we didn’t want to completely change it as we think the existing elements are familiar to clients new, old and potential. So we have tweaked the familiar roundel design a little but combined it with a new contemporary logotype which replaces “designworld” with “dwd”.

designworld logo design

What’s “dwd”? It could be an neat abbreviation of designworld, textspeak shorthand or a Mad Men inspired initialsation of Design World Designers. You might read it as D.W.D. or if you’re from around these parts perhaps you’re more likely to say it as “dude”. It could be any – or all – of these and we like that it’s a bit ambiguous and gets people talking about it.

The logo design might be new, but our commitment to high-quality graphic design solutions is the same as it has always been. We’d like to talk to you about your design requirements, so why not get in touch today. You could always just ask “WWDWDD?”