18 Shades of Grey, Blue, Red… a different kind of bedtime story book for graphic designers

Not sure if we’d call ourselves designer geek parents, but we do love this new book designed just for little kids which features the Pantone colour range so beloved of graphic designers everywhere.

It’s an oversized board book which aims to introduce kids to the ranges of colour within the broad titles of yellow, orange, red, pink, purple, blue, green and brown. Plus there’s a page of grays from white through to black. Each of the colour variations within the swatch is given a name which is understandable to kids such as peacock blue, cherry red and bumblebee yellow.

Now Pantone may not officially be giving their colours cute names but who wouldn’t prefer telling a client that their logo is “Shark Grey” rather than PMS 7544. For the sub set of designer geek pedant parents there’s a UK version available which spells “colours” correctly, but sticks with the American “gray” inside!

It’s not going to replace The Gruffalo as the bedtime standard in our house any time soon, but it certainly a lot of fun for us designer types. It’s available now from Amazon.

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The Pantone colour book for kids. Just don’t get me started on Bluebird Blue