Happy Birthday Apple Mac

30 years ago, on 24 January 1984, the original Apple Mac was launched. Two and a half years later, I was introduced – with some scepticism – to the tiny black and white monitor of the Macintosh SE in the computer suite at Newport Art College.

While Apple is celebrating the occasion with a stunning ‘Happy Birthday, Mac’ website that highlights how far the Mac has come in those 30 years, we’ve also had a trip down Memory Lane to revisit some of the many Apple products we’ve known and (mainly) loved over the years (highlights pictured above).

While it was the beige breeze-block workhorses used by graphics pros that kept the company going through it’s more lean years, it was the innovation shown with products like the Cube, iMac and iPod that made Apple the success it is. We just wouldn’t be where we are today without them. Happy Birthday Mac!